Potwins KS Methodist Church

Helping Potwin KS to expand their reach beyond the Facebook community and to improve their live stream set up to make their message more proffessional & accessible.

The Challenge

The Potwin Methodist Church was livestreaming services via an iPhone with poor audio quality and had no web presence beyond a Facebook page.

What the client said

The Team
Lucas Zago
Lead Developer
The process
The Process

On mulitple visits to Potwin, ReachTech founder Justin Wieland met with the worship team and attended services to understand existing solutions and needs. Simplicity was of utmost importance to the Potwin UMC team to ensure that volunteers could easily update the website and operate any tech equipment that might be installed.

The Previous website
The Solution

A single Point-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera was installed at the back of the sanctuary, along with a new computer dedicated to LiveStream operations. Simple pushbutton controls on the screen allow an operator to move the camera to any one of 9 presets, such as Pulpit Closeup, Lecturn Closeup, Widescreen View, etc. A simple and elegant website was built where LiveStream videos can be viewed in addition to the church's Facebook page.

The Outcome

Online visitors can easily find the church livestream on YouTube, the Potwin UMC webpage, or Facebook. Audio for the livestream was configured to run through the church's existing sound mixer. A donate button was added the church website so that vistors can easily make digital contributions.


We worked with the Logan County  Community Foundation to create a sophisticated and easy to use website that will allow them to promote the good work that they do in the community.