We put our clients at the center of the project and build out from there. We will always create the best solution for your goals.

We put our clients at the center of the project and build out from there. We will always create the best solution for your goals.


“We wanted to create something very easy to use, and very easy and navigate - making it very practical for the client”
Lucas, Lead Developer
Lead Designer, Linea, talks about her process.
Lead Developer, Lucas, talks about a typical project.


Returning to rural life in Kansas, after a career in the U.S. air force, followed by an MBA from Harvard Business School, Reach Tech founder Justin wanted to create a business to support local people and communities. A natural people person, and with a previous careers taking him across the globe, Justin was excited to open up his business to a worldwide talent pool. Based in the U.S. he is able to perform on the ground, face-to-face discovery meetings with his clients, whilst the wider Reach Tech team gets to work. Working across time zones has proven fruitful for the process, meaning that each morning the whole team wakes up to fresh ideas and developments.

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Designer & Webflow Developer

Noah Mitchell

World-renowned marketing guru. Board game enthusiast. Originally from Gainesville (the party capital of North Central Florida), I've spent years working in the nonprofit scene before breaking into digital marketing, SEO, and web development. I love the chance to be creative and to help business leaders tell irresistible stories online. I now live in the perennially cloudy UK with two incredibly loud children and one incredibly normal-volumed wife.If you're ever up for a curry and maybe a game night in the West Midlands, hit me up.

Project Manager

Linea Wesnaes

As ReachTech has been growing, Linea has shifted from designing and developing, to becoming a project manager. Working closely together with Justin, she enjoys keeping track of deadlines, to-do-lists, and future goals.

Lead Developer

Lucas Zago

Hailing originally from Brazil, Lucas is a talented Webflow developer, who values learning and solving tough problems. Lucas is a former circus artist and always ready to bring a smile to your face with a bad joke.

Founder and CEO

Justin Wieland

Justin founded ReachTech to help small businesses and non-profits use technology to reach their goals. Residing in his hometown of Oakley, Kansas, Justin aims to give leaders access to the best technology tools available so they can effectively connect with their communities.


Design and Development

Ozgun Kabakcioglu

Ozgun and his team help ReachTech clients realize their vision via memorable websites and branding. Ozgun is a multi-disciplinary designer and developer who pays close attention to the user experience. In his spare time, he loves watching unintentionally bad movies and the occassional good ones!

Web Design

Off Grid

We’re a creative design agency committed to helping businesses build thoughtful and innovative brands and products, with a positive impact.With over 14 years of experience in the industry working in agencies in Manchester, London, New York, and Amsterdam, we'd started to get the itch to do things a little differently. Our studio is nestled in a valley just outside of Llangollen, surrounded by woodland - far removed from the grey urban city we once believed was the only place to be successful.

Webflow Developer

Davor Egyed

Davor is an Official Webflow Professional Partner based in Germany. He is the Founder of DerokkiDev, whose goal is to offer an easily accessible & fast Webflow Development Service to anyone. Having Croatian roots, Davor shares various interests in nature, health, music, and his country's cultural history. Whenever he is not speed-coding the newest website, he enjoys his time with close family & friends.

Design Lead, Linea, talks about working at Reach Tech.
Lead Developer, Lucas,  talks about working at Reach Tech.


“I love how collaborative it is working at Reach Tech, we’re all always thinking of new improvements and ideas for what we’re working on”
Linea, Lead Designer

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