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Current Roles

Webflow Developer


We are  seeking an experienced Webflow expert who can quickly turn Figma designs into beautiful responsive websites on Webflow, using javascript when needed as a supplement to Webflow's core features.   You should also have experience designing and building CMS databases that are logical, efficient, and easy to understand.   Most of our clients do not have any experience maintaining websites, so it is important that the designs we implement are easy to update for people unfamiliar with Webflow or web maintenance in general.

For maintenance work and updates to existing client websites, you should be able to design additional pages, sections, or forms that conform to an existing design without including a designer in the process.  

This is a freelance position for working on a mix of client projects, with the amount of work dependent on client needs, with a current need of about 10 - 15 hours per week.  

While our clients are small businesses and non-profits, the problems we are solving often require deep thinking and an innovative approach.   It is not "easy" to make tech easy for our clients, but the challenge of doing so is what makes our job enjoyable and rewarding.  

Please apply by sending an email to: talent@reachtech.org

Key Skills

Skills Required

 - WebFlow

 - Javascript

 - Experience building and structuring CMS databases and content

 - Figma

 - Excellent communication in English

Skills Desired

- Zapier integratioNS

- Experience implementing forms with services like CognitoForms and TypeForm

- Knowledge of other modern tools and third party integrations that can simplify implementation of complex problems

Webflow Developer Position -- Intro by ReachTech Founder Justin
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