Working with Farm & Ranch Realty to update and streamline their digital offering.



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Farm & Ranch Realty had a dated website that was hard to navigate with lots of dead-ends. We wanted to simplify their site and make sure the listing were the main focus, while designing a modern clean interface that would be easy to use.


Farm & Ranch Realty


By observing the Farm & Ranch team pitch prospective clients, create farm real estate listings on their existing website, and conduct live auctions, the ReachTech team developed an understanding of the company's process, culture, and needs. With this background, our design team built a prototype website and then worked with office manager Cindy Hake to refine the messaging and branding on the site. With the website published, we then tested a mix of livestream equipment and services at two auctions to find the optimum solution for Farm & Ranch. With this information, we purchased equipment, set up a livestream for a high profile auction, and provided training for the Farm & Ranch team to operate both their website and livestream equipment on their own going forward.


There were many positive aspects about the older website, such as an easy navigation to find the current auctions and previous ones. Although a couple of parts were easy to use, there wasn’t much information hierarchy, overwhelming the user with a lot of options right away.

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The only option we saw was to redesign the whole website, giving it a completely new look, having the ease of use as the main goal, for the users and for the F&R staff. The process had loads of ups and downs, and retrieving information from the previous website was not the smoothest task we’ve had at Reach Tech.

Developing the solutions wasn’t easy, and it was beyond the scope of Webflow was able to offer, so we decided to code many parts of the process on our own, making each functionality very specific to this website. At Reach tech, we believe in custom solutions for unique problems, so we are very proud to solve all the problems we encountered.

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A modern and easy to use site, that makes sure the F&R team appear approachable and professional, with a streamlined interface that allows users to easily browse the site for listings on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Added livestream services for Farm & Ranch auctions, helping prospective clients see first-hand how the Farm & Ranch approach to selling farm real estate ensures clients receive top dollar for their most valuable assets.

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"We have searched for years to find a suitable company to create and maintain our website and ReachTech is the answer to our quest! Professionalism and knowledge for every aspect of creating a website that perfectly suits our company and there is always a quick response to questions and updates! This company and its personnel are topnotch and we highly recommend them!"
FARM & RANCH REALTY, INC., Colby, Kansas