Refreshing Mittens website by adding greater functionality and usability to showcase all their services.

an open laptop computer sitting on top of a red table


The Mittens original website contained a large number of services aimed at both commercial and non-commercial customers. These services often overlapped making it difficult for a user to navigate. We wanted to create a website that showcased the multiple services Mittens has to offer in a way that made it easy for users to find what they were looking for.




a bunch of red and black web pages

We started with a discovery session which involves getting everyone on the same page and evaluating exactly what the needs were for this project right from the start.

An empathy map was created based on research and knowledge about professional drivers. This allows us to understand Mittens’ audience and make a final product catered for them.

user story map showing various attributes for the user

We created stylescapes to communicate what Mittens’ visual refresh direction can look like:

Collection of design options

The first direction kept it simple, restrained and purpose-focused. The second was about creating a home-like feeling, almost like an oasis in the desert. The third direction drove inspiration from nostalgic, retro design elements and Oakley culture. Eventually, the first direction was picked.

While working on the design, we also created a sitemap in order to understand the structure of the website we were going to build.

A sitemap for a website

This allowed us to work on the content management system (CMS) structure so the Mittens staff can refresh the website without coding.

Data structure graph for a website

Having clearly marked sections for the different services and customers Mittens supplies was crucial to making this new site easier to navigate. Adding additional functionality such as online forms and dynamic information increased Mittens’ efficiency in delivering these services.

Comparison of a paper form and a digital form
From paper forms to digital forms
a computer screen with a website page on it

A new and easy-to-navigate site that meant users could easily view and understand the services provided. The additional functionality for users to search and apply for open positions in the retail departments and also a credit application system for Bulk Fuel ordering.

We used Webflow in order to give the Mittens staff a friendly interface they can use to update their website and add content to it whenever they wished.

"Justin and his team at ReachTech far exceeded our expectations. Not only do we have a beautiful new website, but we also dramatically improved our back office workflow for employment and credit applications."
Mittens, Misty Mildenberger